Custom, high-quality, economical and popular… a combination not easy to find, but we have it! We offer several certificate options that are laser-compatible. Chose from card stock, parchment or leatherette to build your awards program. Recognize and reward students in all activities for their participation and achievement. From the most basic design to multiple colors of print you will truly appreciate our attention to detail.

  • Sizes: 6″x8″, 8″x10″, or 8½”x11″
  • Paper colors: White, gray, and tan are the most popular colors. Other colors are available.

Ideal for any level of award. Excellent choice when quality and cost are a concern. Raised or flat ink. Flat ink is recommended for use with most laser printers.

Your best economical choice or Participation of JV Award. Raised or Flat ink. Compatible with most laser printer when printer with flat ink.

Probably the most traditional stock used for Letter Winner certificates. Raised or flat ink. White leatherette is not recommended for laser printing. Grey and Tan certificates with flat ink are compatible with laser printers.

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