Digital Transfers

cpzaprl-nmbreffct-32ftbll_mediumDigital Transfers allow for brilliant, vibrant, full-colour images and logos of any size, digital transfers are a popular print method for situations where a high-impact design is required. With no minimums, high resolution prints and the ability to adhere to nearly any fabric from spandex to water poof rain wear.

Stunning high resolution prints can be achieved with this print method. Photographic artwork is reproduced perfectly with this print method. Transfers are printed onto a white backing before being cut, enabling excellent color vibrancy. Reproduces artwork well on textured fabrics such as pique knit polo shirts, and is suitable for nearly all fabric compositions (poly-cotton, etc). Transfers can be turned around exceptionally quickly for small orders. This print method can be applied to specialty products in unique positions that other print methods cannot.

Digital t-shirt transfers are ideal for:

• Promotional wear

Due to their rapid turnaround and fantastic high-resolution finish and vibrancy, digital transfers are a popular choice for promotional campaigns. 

• Uniforms

For smaller businesses with full-colour logos, you can’t go past a digital transfer. Where embroidery & screenprinting aren’t possible (or cost effective) for your chosen application or order quantity, digital transfers are the perfect substitute! With the added option of printing small runs of 1+ units as you require them.

• Custom one-off T-shirts

With the ability to recreate photographic images in high-resolution digital transfers remain a popular choice for our steady stream of local artisans and their one-off T-shirt designs.

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